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Dear Esten Families,

Esten School, as part of the Rockland Public Schools, will begin using a new program for daily dismissal. KIDaccount is a two-part system that will help streamline our dismissal process and make it safer and more structured for our students and families.

KIDaccount makes delivering messages to the classroom for transportation changes easier and more efficient. When a change needs to be made, parents can either send a note or call the office. The changes are recorded in the KIDaccount system, and at the end of the day, the teacher can display the dismissal method and any changes on their whiteboard, so the students can see how they are getting home.

Please remember the following procedures:

  • Any changes need to be called in by 2:30. Failure to do so may result in your child not receiving the message.

  • To make a change, parents must call the office or send a note. Do not contact the teacher directly regarding dismissal changes.

The second part of this system takes place in the parent pick-up line. Parents will be issued two cards with a barcode. This barcode will be scanned by staff in the car line. As barcodes are scanned, the student’s name will appear on a screen inside the classroom. Students will then be released from the classroom and dismissed to the pick-up area at the front of the school. As students are released from the school and into the vehicles, they will leave the driveway and additional cars will be allowed into the driveway and scanned when they come in. As it was in years past, all overflow vehicles will wait on Levin Road until room is made in the driveway. NO CARS WILL BE ALLOWED TO WAIT ON SUMMER STREET.

Note: Families are issued 2 cards per student. They will be given out at the Open House on Monday, August 29th. More can be purchased if needed. Anyone picking up a student must have a scan card, state their name, and show a photo ID. The person will be approved if they are on the student’s contact list. If the pickup person is not on the list, they will need to park their car and go to the office so we can contact the parents/guardian for approval.

This process accomplishes two things: first, and most importantly, it provides a layer of safety for our students. This system cross-references the barcode with a list of approved people who can pick up the child. If a person on the student’s “Do not Dismiss to” list attempts to pick up the child, the administration and resource officers are notified immediately.

Second, it keeps our students safe in their classroom until their ride is here. Students and families will not have to navigate around other students and cars outside at dismissal. This system allows students to stay inside with their teacher and wait for their name to come up on the screen.

Of course, anytime we implement something new, it will slow us down for a few days. Please bear with us as we learn this new system and work out any issues that might come up. In addition, please note that kindergarten begins on September 7. With these little ones, dismissal may slow down again during the second week. Our priority is student and family safety. We expect to be at least as fast as we were with a much safer system. Please be patient as we get the kinks out!

Bus Registration and Fees

Buses are provided for all students K-8 who live further than two miles from their school and free to all students grades K-12 who qualify for free or reduced lunch regardless of the distance to the school. Registration is mandatory for any student who needs the bus. The window to register in time for the first day of school has closed. If you need the bus you can still register but there will be up to a 2-week wait to be placed on the bus.

If you have questions or need assistance please call Noelle Novio, Transportation Coordinator at (781) 871-8418, or email

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New Assistant Principal

The first employee hired to the Phelps Elementary School is Ms. Stephanie Wells. Ms. Wells will be the Assistant Principal. Until Phelps is open she will spend her time in all three elementary schools getting to know the staff and students. Below is a letter from Ms. Wells to you. You will have opportunities to meet her as the year progresses.

A note from Ms. Wells

Open House

Our Open House is Monday, August 29th from 5:30-6:45. Children are welcome to come in and check out their classroom and teacher. You are encouraged to drop off the school supplies so children won't have to bring them in when school starts. If you have more than one child you have time to visit all your teachers. Mr. Gore, Mrs. Romeo, and the Specialists teachers will all be available if you have any questions.

You are invited to join in for a small cookout in the back of the school after conferences. The PAC is graciously supplying hamburgers, hotdogs, and bottled water.

September Dates to Remember

August 29th Open House 5:30-6:45 pm

August 29th Family Cookout 6:30-7:30 pm

August 31st First Day of School Grades 1-4

September 5th No School Labor Day

September 6th No School Primary Elections

September 7th First Day of Kindergarten

September 14th Picture Day

September 14th PAC meeting 6:30 pm

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