According to Massachusetts General Laws, all students are required to have vision, hearing, height & weights and postural screenings, at certain grade levels in school.

Students entering Kindergarten are required by Massachusetts general law, Chapter 71, section 57, to have a pre-school vision screening. Please contact your child’s health care specialist for more information.

If a student does not pass the vision screening a referral letter recommending further evaluation by his/her health care provider or eye specialist, will be sent home. Students who do not pass the hearing screening are rechecked at a later date, as a decrease in hearing may be related to cold symptoms or congestion. If a student does not pass the hearing screening the second time, he/she will be referred to their health care provider for further evaluation.

Please contact your child’s physician or health care provider promptly for an evaluation if you are notified that your child has not passed the school vision and/or hearing screening. Early detection and correction may prevent problems in school performance and permanent vision or hearing loss. Optimal vision and hearing is essential in order for your child to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize his/her educational experience and success.

The schedule for health screenings is as follows:



Heights & Weights


Kindergarten through grade 5, grade 7 and 10

Kindergarten through grade 3 and grade 7

Grades 1, 4, 7 & 10

Grades 5 through 9