Exempt Emergency Child Care Programs

Governor Charlie Baker issued an emergency order extending the temporary closure of all non-emergency childcare programs until May 4 in an effort to prevent the further spread of COVID-19 in the Commonwealth.

This applies to group child care settings, both center- and family-based. The order does not apply to residential schools, community group homes, temporary shelters, transition-to-independent living facilities, teen parent programs, and DYS secure facilities.

Exempt Emergency Child Care Programs will be the only child care programs that are allowed to operate during this time. This prioritizes public health and safety while maintaining critical service. Do not contact an emergency child care program unless you require emergency, back-up, drop-in care. 

Priority must be given to people including but are not limited to health care workers, essential state and human service workers, COVID-19 health workers, grocery store employees, emergency response personnel, law enforcement, transportation and infrastructure workers, sanitation workers, DCF-involved families, and families living in shelters. 

To slow the spread of the coronavirus, all families should keep children out of group care settings to the greatest extent possible. Emergency Child Care Programs are for when all other non-group-care settings have been exhausted and families have no other options.