Notice of Destruction


This notification is to inform parents/guardians and former students at the Rockland Public Schools’ intent to destroy the Special Education records of students who were no longer receiving Special Education services as of 2014. These records will be destroyed in accordance with the state law unless the parent/guardian or eligible (adult) student notifies the School District otherwise by SEPTEMBER 1, 2021

Special education records collected by the Rockland Public Schools related to the identification, evaluation, educational placement, or the provision of Special Education in the district, must be maintained under state and federal laws for a period of seven (7) years after special education services have ended.   Special Education services end when the student is no longer eligible for services, graduates, moves from the district or completes his or her education program at age 22.

After 7 years, the records are no longer useful to the district, but they may be useful to parents/guardians or former students in applying for Social Security benefits, rehabilitation services, college entrance, etc. The parent/guardian or eligible (adult) student may request records by calling:

 Pupil Personnel Services

781-878-1380 or emailing

Linda Ricciarelli

Notice of Destruction Letter