Marcus is Walking

The Rockland High School Theater Guild's fall production "Marcus is Walking: Scenes from the Road" was performed this past weekend beginning on Thursday, Dec. 5, and continuing on Friday and Saturday nights in the Rockland High School auditorium. The play was directed by RHS teachers, Joanne White and Julia DiCanzio. 

The show, which was by all accounts a hit, featured eleven short stories all revolving around a car or driving somewhere.  There is more to the stories than just an automobile, however, and the members of the cast (see below) do a great job of creating memorable characters in a short amount of time.  The scenes all provided a great deal of humor, sometimes of the mature variety, and the audiences were entertained all three nights as each cast member’s lines were delivered with perfect timing. 

Four Rockland High School teachers reacted to the play on their Twitter accounts.  English Department head, Carol Cahill said, “It was so good. Very, very FUNNY. Bravo to all involved. LOVED every minute of it.”

Assistant Principal, Kathy Paulding said, “Great performance tonight from the very talented drama students of RHS. I was very impressed and laughed a lot.”

World Languages Department head, Melissa Shaughnessy said, “WOW! Stellar performance by an all star cast and crew.”

 Principal John Harrison said, “Very impressed with the play ‘Marcus is Walking,’ great job cast, crew, and directors.”

The actors included Ben Pattison, Zach Webb, Phil Pattison, Jordan Cunningham, Julia Yeadon, Adam Dalton, Neleh Dunn. Emily Gaboriault, Lara Glennon and Katy Buckley.  Each actor played several parts.

The stage crew was led by stage manager Kerin Dalton and asst. stage manager, Maria Pala.  In the crew were Jonah Pishkin, Maddie Smith Miku Yoshioka, Leah Leonard, Cailin Sullivan, Ngan Nguyen, Christa Pollard and Callie Gillan.

Seth Rosczewski and Terrel Wright were the lighting and sound operators with an assist by Chris Burnieika.  Phil DiCanzio and Jim DiCanzio designed and built the set. Julia DiCanzio and Joanne White were the faculty directors.

The play by Joan Ackerman was presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service Inc. New York