Rockland High School Students Enjoy French Concert

Rockland High School teacher Julie Dore’s French students attended a concert on Friday morning, Oct. 18, given by internationally recognized singer/songwriter and guitarist, Eric Vincent. Vincent who lives in Paris, France is on tour in the United States this fall. Vincent’s songs can be classified as folk, rock, and jazz and represent the tradition of lyric-driven song.

As Vincent sang his repertoire of popular French songs on stage in the high school auditorium, students were encouraged to sing along to the choruses. Students particularly enjoyed the songs with rhythms that reflect the music of Africa and the Caribbean.

Sophomore Ava LaBollita said, “I really liked the concert. Eric Vincent is an entertaining guy with a unique style of French music with a Caribbean influence.”

Eric Vincent began his career in Paris at the famous “Port du Salut.” His Facebook page says that he has “a special passion for taking his music to every corner of the globe.” He has performed in over 140 countries. In the USA, he has performed in every state except Hawaïi and Alaska.

Ms. Dore explained that music is an integral part of her teaching and that her students receive a great deal of understanding about the nuances of the French language by listening to songs in French. She said that a live performance adds that much more to their learning experience not only of the language, but also of the culture.

Vincent said that he enjoys performing his music for students in the United States because he believes that music breaks language barriers. He performs at universities and high schools while on tour.

Vincent is featured in various French textbooks such as “Discovering French Today,” by Valette and Valette (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt ©2013), which is the textbook used by the French classes at Rockland High School.

Sophomore Ayanha Lascase enjoyed the performance. “His singing was beautiful and he was really fun and active on the stage.” She said she liked that he talked and sang about other countries such as Brazil.

After the show, Vincent signed autographs for the students.

The World Languages Department looks forward to bringing Vincent back next year for another performance.