Update for Elementary Families

December 13, 2020

Dear Rockland Elementary School Families,

As was indicated by the previous email from Dr. Cron, the Rockland Public Schools will be going fully remote beginning Monday, December 14- Tuesday, December 22, 2020.  

Although all students will be remote, we will still observe “in” and “out” of school cohorts and to keep the schedule of when A and B cohorts are “in-person.” This week Cohort B was scheduled to be “in person,” therefore teachers will be meeting with Cohort B following a schedule that closely mimics the “in-person” schedule, but it will take place totally online.  A schedule will be provided by each teacher, so please be sure to stay in contact through Class Dojo and Google Classroom throughout this time period.  Mini-lessons and class-check-ins will be provided throughout the day.

Cohort A, which was scheduled for a remote schedule this week, will still meet with their teacher for morning and closing meetings, and complete the slides given for the week. Students will be expected to log in to Google Classroom and complete remote work as usual.  Paraprofessionals will still be meeting with students who have intervention groups with them. 

Remote Learning Academy classrooms will operate as usual. 

In addition, all special education and EL services will be provided as usual, except they will take place in an online format. Students should be sure to complete any and all assignments and assessments given by all teachers that meet with the students. All student work is expected to be uploaded to each student’s Google Classroom and/or Class Dojo Place portfolio as determined by the student’s classroom teacher, special education, and/or EL teacher.

The schedule for December 21 and 22 will be “in-person” for Cohort A (a totally online schedule that mimics the “in-person” schedule).  However, these two days will be early release days of learning that will end at 12 noon so that virtual conferences can still take place as previously scheduled. If  you have not done so already, please be sure to sign up for a virtual conference as soon as possible.  Directions were sent out for this process previously.

Due to this switch to fully remote learning for all Pre-K-12 students, the Rockland Public Schools will return on January 4, 2021 with Cohort B being in person, if current health metrics support the return. This is a change from the current school calendar which indicates Cohort A will be in person on January 4.  A corrected school calendar will be sent out, but, in the meantime, please adjust your schedule for an in-person return for Cohort B on January 4.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our offices.

Thank you,

Michelle Scheufele, Principal, Jefferson School

Janice Sheehan, Principal, Memorial Park School

Marilyn Smith, Principal, Esten Elementary School

Fully Remote Parent Letter