Office of the Superintendent

Welcome to the Superintendent of Schools section of our web site. Read on if you wish, but know that my door is always open. Email, call or just stop in. I am always happy to talk with anyone about the Rockland Public Schools.

During our Strategic Plan development process, the entire school community had the opportunity to assess all aspects of our school district. We identified areas where we excel and areas to target for improvement. “Strenghening communication within the Rockland Public Schools and between the district and community to enhance and expand relationships” is one of the four Strategic Objectives selected.

This new website, launched in May of 2018, is intended to address many of the needs identified through the Strategic Plan development process. Although there are multiple schools within the district and each has their own communication means, this section of the website is focused on news and events that are happening across the district and important information that I would like to share with our educational community.

If you are new to Rockland, welcome! If you’ve been a member of this amazing community for a long time, take some time to explore the web site. There are thousands of reasons so many are excited about the direction of our schools and our town. If nothing else, be sure to follow my Twitter feed so you can get firsthand information about the Rockland Public Schools.

As always - Go Dogs!


Alan H. Cron, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools

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