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Rockland Public Schools is an equal opportunity employer.

The mission of the Rockland Public Schools is to ensure that all students develop the necessary skills to think critically, communicate effectively, and act responsibly in order to attain their highest potential.

The Rockland School system is dedicated to recruiting and retaining the finest teaching staff available to serve its 2,400 students. Toward that end, the Rockland School Committee, School Administration, and Rockland Education Association have worked diligently to establish truly competitive salary, benefits, and working conditions for its professional and support staff.


Rockland’s starting salaries are among the highest in the area. The maximum pay scale for veteran teachers is also extremely competitive and the time required to reach ‘top step’ is less than in most other school systems. Top pay is also complemented by a generous longevity benefit. For those so inclined there is opportunity for additional work in after-school programs and curriculum development where the hourly rate of pay is one of the highest in Eastern Massachusetts.


Rockland teachers participate in a benefit program that is second to none. The town pays seventy-nine percent of the employee’s health insurance and a dental component is available as well. Teachers receive tuition reimbursement payments of up to $1,800 per year and a no-cost route to professional recertification is offered through in-house professional development workshops, paid attendance at educational conferences, and system-sponsored graduate coursework.

The Valued Teacher

The Rockland School Committee, Administration, and Teachers’ Association wholeheartedly embrace the concept of the importance and value of the classroom teacher as the fundamental component of good education. The dedicated practitioner is the keystone of American education.
I am most happy that I chose Rockland as my first teaching assignment. There is a level of support and respect here that makes my job easier.
First-year teacher

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