Rockland is an economically diverse residential community of approximately 17,000 persons, located 15 miles southeast of Boston and close to the coast. Currently, 586 students are enrolled at Rockland High School in Grades 9-12. In 2013, Rockland completed an 85 million dollar building project providing Rockland students with state of the art computer labs, small and large performance spaces, modern science labs, as well as an impressive radio/television studio. In addition, Rockland High School provides students with a modern woodshop, a dedicated robotics laboratory, and a suite of art classrooms that include a dark room and pottery kiln. Rockland High School is accredited by the New England Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges. Rockland High School is an academically rigorous, college preparatory public secondary school. We offers 12 Advanced Placement courses in English Language, English Literature, AB Calculus, Statistics, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Environmental Science, United States History, Microeconomics, Psychology, and Studio Art. In addition, Rockland High School students are strongly encouraged to take 2-4 years of a world language as well as participate in a minimum of 4 semesters of elective coursework. Choices include journalism, law, film studies, creative writing, pre-engineering, robotics, woodshop, fashion design/sewing, cooking, physical education, as well as the fine and performing arts. Rockland High School students participate in numerous organizations including our award-winning print and online newspaper The Veritas, our nationally recognized Student Council, as well as a full range of interscholastic athletics. Approximately 90% of the student body participates annually in one or more of Rockland’s 30 clubs, activities, and athletic teams. Students are encouraged and supported to create new clubs and activities.